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By matthew shlomowitz


Evelyn speaking, eldest of Matthew Shlomowitz. My Dad asked me to make a website for his lock down project music for cohabiters, where he is writing pieces for musicians in quarantine together! So this is me doing that, click over to videos to watch all the home performances! 

If you'd like a piece, click on the paper plane for his details. He's happy to compose for any instruments and abilities. Once you've learned the piece, send us a video and we'll put it on the web page! 

My Dad is not taking payments for these pieces, but we would love it if you could donate to our local homeless charity, North London Action for the Homeless! They have been amazing, particularly at this time providing food for homeless people!

Here is a list of all the pieces, who they are written for and what they play!

Evelyn x

my dad!

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