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Funky Alien Invasion

Emma - Bass Clarinet

Adam - Electronic Drum Kit

Jess - Nord Stage 2 keyboard and Descant Recorder

Mike - Percussion (ride, wind chimes, wood block and glock)

Adam chose the fab name, which goes wonderfully with Emma's 

solo in the middle.  Loving the editing! IDK why dad thinks there is

a horse in space (listen in for the woodblock).

Ballad for Jane and Joe

Jane (Cello),

Joe (Marimba)

Who thought such an unlikely combo would sound so beautiful! Joe, how you hit 4 notes at one correctly is so mind boggling. And wonderful playing from Jane, too.

Lock Jazz down

Sam (trumpet),

Dan (trombone)

 Susie (trombone)

Viv (cello)

Continuing with the Jazz theme from below, please enjoy this banger and some sick improv. 

Mini Epic Jazz Tone Poem

This is me and my Dad! I asked him to write us a piece, and it was super fun to have this as a lock down project. Probs not so fun for the neighbours though, oops. I asked him to give me a challenge - he defo took that too seriously. Ta pops xxx 


*Bro, IDK what that is either but my decorative options are getting smaller and smaller as new vids come in. Just go with it. Please.  :)

Doodle chorale

Scarlett (double bass)

Felix (French horn)

Sam (piccolo)

Nick (trumpet)

Nick is a friend of my Dad's from Adelaide. Here they are on holiday in Middleton on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia. 

FINALLY A FRENCH HORN!! Great solo Felix!  

The real West Sussex folk material

Eva (Flute)

Louis (Piano)

Simon (Accordion) 

Featuring Phoenix the cat. The title refers to one of my Dad's favourite pieces by Laurence Crane. Simon is Laurence's brother and he and his family live in West Sussex.



Al Principe, improv dance version

This is Simon Bourdieu's take on my Dad's piece for Didier and Andrew, which you can watch below.

I love it when the dancer disappears in the window panes! 

Bas am spinnrade 

(Bas at the spinning wheel)

Bas (violin) 

Bas is a conductor who got back into playing violin in lockdown. This piece is inspired by the Schubert song Gretchen at the spinning wheel, which my Dad played to me and my sisters before watching Doctor Who one night. Bas's grandfather was a weaver. 

Vaudeville Ternary

Louis (bassoon),

Oscar (Saxophone), 

Albert (cello), 

Wiebke (violin) 

Joe (cello)

My Dad's colleague Jeanice put Dad in touch with Wiebke, who teaches at the Royal College of Music. Joe is principal cellist of Academy of Ancient Music and The English Concert.

I found it funny that their family is a kinda muddled version of mine: three sons instead of three daughters, two cellists, a violinist, a saxophone and I guess a bassoon is (maybe) similar to a clarinet ? WHERE'S THE FRENCH HORN GUYS, WHERE'S THE FRENCH HORN?! (If confused, see 'fanfare' and the bottom of this page).

Music for car parks

Dylan (mandolin)

Emma (violin) 

This is a folk duo called Go Fish from Adelaide. Dylan is friends with Will (see trio below). If you look at the score you can see they added two parts which we love! 


Synth pop krautrock for millennials

Klara (synth)

James (guitar)

Nina (synth) 

Louis (synth)

My dad made the piece for his PhD student James. James and Clara came over and watched log jam with my family (scroll down to see 'muuuuuuum'). Louis is my Mario kart rival. This Nina's first musical performance. 

They created a fab video!

Coin operated 

Oscar (Glockenspiel)

Kate (cello)

William (snare)

My dad wrote the piece to sound like a coin operate music box that keeps getting stuck. Oscar is learning percussion with a friend of my Dad's called Caz. This is William's debut on snare. 


Will (mandolin)

Alies (violin)

Sanne (herself)


Another old friend from my Dad's high school in Adelaide. He is now living in New York where he works at the Kingsbridge Heights Community Center. Alies is a film composer and director. Sanne is very cute, and shows great musical potential in the out takes at the end!


In the middle Will and Alies trade some fab solos! 

Al Principe

Andrew (piano)

Didier (spoken poem)


Didier is reading a poem titled Ai Principe, by Pier Paolo Pasolini (1961). The English translation of the poem is under 'show more' on the YouTube page. 

My dad went to university with Andrew in San Diego a million years ago. Andrew and Didier live in Paris, where I visited them when I was 8. When Andrew served dinner, he used heated plates. When I asked why they were hot, he replied "because everything is better in Paris". 

Issy and Tom's jolly sombre dramatic jolly song

Tom (piano)

Issy (recorder)

Emma (cello)

James (ukelele)

I met these guys in a camping trip last year, where my youngest sister Daphne loved hanging out with Tom and Issy. Emma is a clinical psychologist and James is a scientist.


Frankie (trumpet)

Maya (euphonium) 

Emma (voice)

Damien (violin)

Damien is a composer, and one of my Dad's oldest mates from university. He is playing on a child sized fibre class violin bow, as that is all he had in the house! 


Enjoy the brilliant out-takes at the end. 

Minimal lock down days 

Violet (clarinet)

Poppy (trumpet)

Claire (marimba)


Claire went to university with my Dad! She is the Artistic Director of Ensemble OffSpring.

Me and Violet share the same birthday! 

Slither me timbers 

Josh (violin)

George (serpent)

Serpent is a bass wind instrument with the mouth piece of a brass instrument. Neither me or Dad had heard of it, but George gave Dad some good advice on how to write for it.  

Straight swing jam

Mona (has played drums for 2 years)

Liu (violin for 4 years)

Zao (cello for 7 years)

Kim (piano)

Dad later added the electric organ part for Marine who wanted to join in! ​The family live in Brussels. 

Hocket drill

Angus (trombone) 

Fergus (Bassoon) 

The boys' mum Sally wanted a piece for a lock down project for her sons! 

Prelude and Ballad

Clare (trumpet)

Robin (oboe) 


These are Anna's parents (see hexatonic cycle with calm Stanley above). They have performed the piece for their neighbours out the window in Essex.

Historically uninformed 

Mary-Jannet (recorder)

Thomas (harpsichord)

Mary-Janet is a student at my Dad's university! She is doing a project on the contribution of Scottish musicians in 18th century London. They are doing a concert every Friday on live stream at 1pm during the Lock down, which you can watch by clicking the button below!

To be historically informed when you compose for a certain era would mean that you stay true to the style and manner of the time. Dad went in a different direction.  



Bodil's freestyle

Sarah, Jon (professional musicians)  and Bodil  (a toddler) on recorder!


Bodil improvises over a loop in between refrains. Creative direction can be seen where she uses the recorder for percussion. 

McMonagle Illogical

Louise (cello)

Will (piano)

Louise is a professional cellist who has been teaching her boyfriend Will piano!



Finding sticks

Rowan, upper piano

Matthew, cello

Heather, violin

David, lower piano

This piece is for violin, grade 3 cello, and piano 4 hands (upper part grade 1). The family sent my Dad a great picture of them all finding sticks.

Hexatonic cycle with calm Stanley

Stanely (drum)

Joni (cello)

Anna (oboe 

Ben (piano)

The first part of the title refers to the middle section of the piece. It is written using the chord progression the hexatonic cycle, which my Dad learned from his friend and colleague David Bretherton. The second part of the title refers to the challenge my Dad set his Godson Stanley during this part of the piece. 


Elsa (violin)

Janneke (Cello)

Gijs (Viola)

Vicky (Contra bass clarinet) 



Inspiration from:


Daphne (saxophone) 

Lotte (clarinet)

Evelyn (french horn)

Kirsten (Violin)

(My family!)

Here is an arrangement of the piece my Dad wrote for the American group Line Upon Line (still featuring Daphne!) 

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